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List of Unknown iPhone Secret Codes to Unlock and Reset your Device

iphone secret codes list
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Did you realize that Apple has been concealing some iPhone secret codes list for you to reset and unlock your device? Most times, when you enter these secret codes in your iPhone device, you will find them doing wonders for you.

Most times, iPhone users find to very difficult to do some major changes to their device. They go ahead and engage the services of a professional technician, while they can easily make some certain changes to their iPhone with the secret codes and h^cks. Check out these codes below and be amazed about the kind of wonders that they perform for you.

So, why do you need to know the hidden iPhone secret codes list? Well, you can use these quick codes to carry out quite a few things faster. Whether you want to access location traffic conditions or call someone anonymously, they can become your go-to option. Want them in your disposal right now? Let’s take a peek at them


 Amazing iPhone Secret Codes List to Reset and Unlock your Device

Amazingly, these iPhone secret codes works perfectly on all apple devices. All you have to do is to read the codes below and get to understand how they perform when used.

#1: Precise Signal Strength Code

iphone signal strength codes

  1. When you dial *3001#12345#*, you will see a rundown of alternatives.
  2. However, overlook them and hold the power button until the power screen comes up.
  3. Thereafter, press the home button until home screen indicates once more.
  4. And after that, a number will be shown rather than circles or bars on the upper left.
  5. A solid signal is – 40 to – 80, and anything beneath that is terrible signal, and around – 140 no signal.

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#2: Hide Caller ID

iphone secret codes list to hide caller id

Dial in #31# just as your telephone number, and whoever you call won’t see that it is you who is calling.

#3: Discover where Text Messages Location

iphone secret codes list to reset and unlock iphone

Did you realize text messages are directed to a message focus remotely through a specific versatile number? Dialing in *#5005*7672# and afterward pressing the call button will give you a chance to see your carrier’s telephone number.

#4: Find the Unique IMEI Number of Your iPhone

iphone secret codes list

Much the same as the VIN number of a vehicle, a telephone has its own recognizable identification number which can be seen through iPhone secret codes. This can be found in the telephone Settings, or dial #06# on the keypad to see it on the screen of your iPhone.

#5: Call Waiting

iphone secret codes

You have to pay for this administration, yet you can activate or deactivate call waiting service – and check whether it’s working or not.

  1. You need to only enter couple of codes to activate this service or choose your options
  2. Dial *#43# and call to see the status of call waiting service on your iPhone.
  3. Then dialing *43# will turn accessible as needs be pausing and
  4. You can also dial #43# will deactivate the call waiting service.

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#6: Call Barring

This service requires payment as well, just as entering of one of the iPhone secret codes list. It empowers you to block outgoing and incoming calls.  Simply dial *33*PIN# to activate call barring service or #33*PIN# to deactivate call barring.

#7: Call Forwarding

iphone secret codes for call forwarding

Simply dial *#21# to check whether your telephone is sending calls, and who are they being sent to.

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